Beet and Potato Tart with Rosemary Tofu Ricotta

The rainbow is fully represented in this rustic layered tart featuring creamy sweet potatoes, crunchy purple potatoes, sweet beets and a garlicky rosemary tofu ricotta. I found these chioggia beets at whole foods and couldn’t pass them up!

Also known as the candy cane beet, they have beautiful bright stripes that fade slightly when cooked. These sweet gems are a nutrient powerhouse of antioxidants, folate and fiber making them an A+ for nutrition bang for your buck. I love roasted veggies in the winter time, but the beets make a colorful addition to salads when raw.

The good news is the chioggia beets don’t bleed as much as red beets, so no stains on the hands and cutting board!

First, layer the seasoned sweet potato slices along the bottom of a pie dish or tart pan. I chose to use the sweet potatoes for the bottom as they’re a little sturdier than the purple potatoes. Feel free to change it up!

Make your tofu ricotta by combining tofu, garlic, nutritional yeast, rosemary, salt, pepper and lemon juice and layer that over the sweet potatoes.

Sauté the beautiful rainbow chard with a splash of balsamic vinegar and layer over the tofu ricotta layer.

Layer the seasoned beets and purple potatoes over the rainbow chard and bake uncovered for 40 minutes until the purple potatoes begin to crisp and the beets brown. Cover with tinfoil and bake about another 10 minutes until tender.

Beautiful layers of deliciousness! The taste is like an herby earthy lasagna. The purple potato layers crisp up in the oven lending the perfect crunch and the sweet potatoes melt together for a sweet and creamy bottom layer. What’s your favorite winter produce to use?

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