4 Essential Pokemon Go Snacks

Are you tired of low blood sugar keeping you from catching ’em all? Are you not pulling your weight for your team because you had to take a meal break? 

These 4 essential snacks are portable, one hand friendly, and are packed with nutrients to keep you at the top of your searching, catching and training game.

Great Energy Balls

These Great Balls are the perfect pick me up after a long training sesh at the gym. They’re packed with protein to keep you and your Pokemon in great shape. Warning: don’t throw these balls at Pokemon! I used this recipe.

Snack Necklace

The latest in hands-free eating technology. This is perfect for all of the parkour you’ve recently taken up trying to find Pokemon. Plus, carbohydrate loading before a big battle can keep you fierce in the gym. Before you head out, string pretzels, cereal, and dried fruit on a piece of string and tie it around your neck. It’s lightweight, easy, and totally fashionable. Get the recipe here.

Protein Shake

Smoothies help you stay hydrated when you’re spending hours outside searching for Pokemon. Pack your smoothie with fruits, veggies, and peanut butter for a refreshing and nourishing beverage on the go. Try adding coffee to your smoothie to keep you alert and aware of your surroundings while your eyes are on the prize. Here is a great recipe!

Sandwich on a Stick

Food is better when it’s on a stick. Sandwiches are the perfect vehicle for driving food into your mouth while you’re climbing, jumping or driving to that Pikachu. They’re easy to eat anytime, anywhere. Watch out for the pointy end and NO RUNNING! Get some recipe ideas here.

Level up with these easy portable snacks to fuel you for hours of Pokemon Go. Plus, having food on hand might even attract more Pokemon. Or dogs…watch out for dogs…

Check out my full Pokemon Go snacking adventure on my YouTube channel!

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