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Beet and Potato Tart with Rosemary Tofu Ricotta

The rainbow is fully represented in this rustic layered tart featuring creamy sweet potatoes, crunchy purple potatoes, sweet beets and a garlicky rosemary tofu ricotta. I found these chioggia beets at whole foods and couldn’t pass them up! Also known as the candy cane beet, they have beautiful bright stripes that fade slightly when cooked. […]

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Chai Spiced Chia Pudding with Citrus Ginger Pears

What’s better than having breakfast ready for you when you wake up? Let’s face it, mornings can be hectic. Whether you’re trying to get yourself or your family out the door, it can be hard make a healthy breakfast a priority. That’s when I turn to easy and convenient make ahead meals like chia pudding. This […]

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New Year’s Green Ginger Soba Noodle Bowl

Happy New Year! It’s funny – New Year’s is synonymous with resolutions, or changes you’re going to make in the upcoming year. Simultaneously, we associate New Year’s with traditions, or habits that have been embedded in our lives for years. How do we change for the better while staying true to meaningful tradition? For me, […]

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Golden Carrot Falafel with Peppercorn Infused Coconut Lime Sauce

I’d like to say that the inspiration for these carrot falafel wasn’t purely from the massive bag of carrots in my fridge, but it’s all about honesty here. I’d also like to admit that I originally wanted to make zucchini falafel, but ended up eating my zucchini raw in a hangry low blow sugar episode, […]

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Farmers Market Flatbread

Ahh summertime-the rock star of seasons when it comes to produce. On Saturday morning, I checked out my local farmers market and scored some beautiful things! Before I moved to LA, I imagined that it was a big and bustling city that couldn’t possibly offer markets that live up to the high standards set by the […]

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